Young Living Essential Oils


Ihave used Young Living Products for the past 8 years. As each year went by, I found myself turning to the oils for health and wellness support and have been amazed at the way they work. I am now ready to launch into the business aspect of Young Living and I am looking for new customers and business builders alike. 

If you have never used essential oils before, I encourage you to purchase the Premium Starter Kit with a diffuser of your choice. I regret not doing this when I signed up as a customer and I encourage you to not make the same mistake. Also, what I have done to increase my oil collection as well as make sure I have enough toothpaste, mouthwash and cleaner on hand is to joint the Loyalty Rewards Program. This helped me to slowly build my collection. As of June 1, 2022, there is no minimum to purchase to participate in this program. You simply need to purchase something each month. As you accumulate points, you redeem them for products you in the future. I use mine to buy myself oils or supplements I want to try, gifts for others, or use them to buy needed supplements or oils when funds are not available.