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Client Love!

Suzanne, loved my first appointment and am looking forward to my second. I felt squared and stable after just one meeting. Thank you for being so kind and educational throughout the session. It’s amazing how this technique really works for back pain. See you soon!

D. Russell

“You’re like a Superhero and your Superpower is balls of fire coming from your hands!” “ Suzanne has been such a blessing to my family! She has treated us for a wide variety of issues. From TMJ, to torn shoulders, poor posture and body pain, foot issues and more. She has also been able to bring my family to a health state of being free from PAIN! Now we are learning how to do self care as well! She is professional and wonderful for adults, children and babies! I highly recommend her care to anyone.”

B. Wilson

“The message is:

Get out and Live your Life!”  

J. Duffy
(his insight during a session)

“I am sharing because Suzanne Blizzard with Kokopelli Myofascial Release has changed my life! I wasn’t able to walk and was in pain 24/7 until she released the myofascial- now I can run and do Crossfit again- this treatment really works. I have been a runner for 20+ years and it was my heart and soul! About a year ago my hips hurt so bad I could barely walk- I tried all kinds of different treatment and then a friend told me how Myofascial treatment really helped her and got her back to hiking which is her passion. I went to Suzanne for treatment and I have NO PAIN since she released the Myofascial and now my body is back into alignment.”

M. Crespin

“You gave me my wiggle back!”

A. Keller

“As a licensed massage and physical therapist who has had my own share of aches, pains, and injuries, I have received sessions with a wide variety of practitioners over the years. Suzanne was very attentive as I described my current issue, the zoned right in and treated just the right” spots”, finding areas of tension I didn’t even realize were there, Her background as an OT combined with her training and experience in Myofascial release makes her stand out from the other practitioners.”

L. Batcheller

“Taking care of yourself during training is key to true success! I am pain free even at 39 weeks pregnant thanks to Suzanne Blizzard with Kokopelli Myofascial Release. I promise you won’t regret it!”

M. Crespin

“You are so gifted Suzanne! You helped me move out old trauma years of therapy could not. I am so glad you are still providing your healing services.”

C. Jones

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