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The Fascial Facial!

One of the benefits of healthy and hydrated fascia is the glowing appearance of the skin. Fascial restrictions can be seen in the skin all over the body, but most people, women especially, see the fascial restrictions as wrinkles on the face and neck. Over the years, pain and stress take a toll on the face, neck and shoulders creating tightness that goes unnoticed because the attention is usually drawn to sources of greater pain and tension in the rest of the body.

The Fascial Facial can help soften and reduce these effects creating a soothing sensation reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as tension and pain. While the ideal is to have the entire body treated often, it can be an indulgence to have this technique performed occasionally.

The Fascial Facial is a limited time offer for the holidays with no initial evaluation needed. A 50 minute session with instructions for continuing the process at home is available for $75. Gift Certificates are available for any of the services offered. The Fascial Facial would be a terrific holiday gift! Call or email for more information.

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