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Breast Health Includes Healthy Fascia

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I can’t let this month go by without commenting on the need for Women’s Health and John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach. Fascia is the ground substance or extra-cellular matrix of the body meaning that ALL cells are not only surrounded by it, but it is also inside the cell itself! Restrictions or thickening of the fascia creates pressure on the cells and causes them to become less able to function, take in nutrition or excrete toxins. In the breast, we see the restrictions as dense breast tissue. Consequently, medical imaging for women is difficult at best. It is painful and frankly, the dense tissue doesn’t allow for quality images increasing the chance for missed opportunities to visualize small cysts or lumps.

Myofascial Release techniques performed by both the therapist and the patient can reduce the incidence of dense breast tissue, difficulties with milk production and breast feeding. The fascia becomes pliable and fluid allowing the breast to be moldable and, in case of the woman interested in breast feeding, to swell comfortably with milk.

Cancer, as a whole, would appear to be the changing of a cell’s ability to function affecting the cells nearby. As the area changes, it involves more and more cells making the cluster large enough to be visualized with imaging techniques. Application of the Myofascial Release techniques can soften the fascia allowing the cell to be released from the intense pressure of 2000 lbs per square inch that may be isolating the cell and, as long as it has not permanently changed, it can heal and return to the community of living, functioning cells. This concept is the same for the entire body, not just breast tissue.

Preventative treatment and self care is the ultimate defense against so many illnesses and diagnoses including Cancer. Nutrition, exercise and a positive outlook in life are extremely important and adding Myofascial Release to that list will increase the effectiveness of these activities improving the environment in which the cell lives.

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